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Air Spring Air Lift 1000 Kits by Air Lift

Air Spring Air Lift 1000 Kits by Air Lift

Ride Control Air Spring Kits by Air Lift

Load Lifter Air Spring Kits by Air Lift

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Air Lift 
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Air Lift, with over 50 years of suspension design and production experience, has developed air suspension products to solve load problems for autos, trucks, vans, RV's and SUV's. The major benefit of Air Lift air springs is that you can adjust air pressure to compensate for your load condition. This ensures that your load is balanced and level for better comfort and control. When your load increases, you just add's that simple.

Air Springs Adjust to Your Load
Original equipment springs age over time. Weak springs cause sag, sway, and loss of control. Adding steel helper springs or solid rubber springs is not the best solution. Both steel and hard rubber ride hard with little or no load, and uneven loads can cause sway. You will gain more comfort and value with air springs.

Solve These Problems with Air:
If you have encountered on or more of the following conditions, there is an Air Lift product for your vehicle that will help correct the following:

  • Sag: Load pulls back of vehicle down making steering difficult.
  • Sway and Body Roll: Vehicle moves up and down and from side to side.
  • Bottoming Out: Vehicle hits frame or axle on bumpy roads.
  • Headlight Misalignment: Back of vehicle is so low, that the headlights are in the trees.
  • Hitch Alignment: Unbalanced, non-level trailers may cause steering and braking problems.
  • Tire Patch Contact: Wheel bounce on washboard roads results in poor steering and braking.
  • Air Lift offers 3 basic kits designed to fit virtually any need. Kit components vary depending on your application, and all kits come complete with air bellows, inflation valves, air lines, fittings, brackets, mounting hardware, and detailed installation manual.

    *All Air Lift Air Spring Kits come complete with a two year manufacturer warranty. Purchase a complete Air Lift System including a Load Controller, Smart Air, Quickshot or Sureset Air Controller System and recieve a FREE LIFETIME WARRANTY UPGRADE on your Air Springs!

    AIRLIFT 1000

  • Front or rear coil spring suspensions
  • Provides up to 1,000 lbs of leveling support

  • For leaf spring suspensions.
  • Provides up to 2,500 lbs of leveling support
  • For lighter duty hauling and towing.
  • Ride Control provides the most comfortable ride
  • LOAD LIFTER 5000 (Replaces AirLift "Super Duty")

  • For leaf spring suspensions
  • Provides up to 5,000 lbs of leveling support for RVs, heavy duty SUVs and trucks
  • Both front and rear kits are available depending upon vehicle

  • call toll free 1 (269) 556-2000 here

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