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Extang Corporation 
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Extang FullTilt Snap-Style Hinged Tonneau Covers allow maximum use of your truck bed. With the finest quality materials and most solid construction, FullTilt Covers are fully Extang engineered throughout! The FullTilt features an aluminum tonno frame, spring-loaded Bows and ClickLock corners with steel TuffSnaps - all state-of-the-art patented features that bring the best design to the ultimate hinged tonno system.

The rugged reinforced aluminum frame and vinyl tarp weighs only 30 lbs. and can be easily lifted off by one person. The tonneau and rail are not attached to the tailgate, so it’s safe and quick to open. Gas shocks are designed to be easily removed by hand using a ball and joint snap release with no tools needed, so you can leave your entire tonneau at home within seconds! Grab the tonneau & lift up at an angle as shown and the QuickRelease instantly disconnects, so you can just pick it up and off. Can’t leave the frame? Then just roll up the tarp and remove the bows to carry large items back home.

Remove the Entire Tonneau & Frame by Yourself with No Tools...
Simply Drop Tailgate, Roll It Up And Go!

Advanced FullTilt Tonno Features Include:

• Most advanced features of any tonno made.
• Extang engineering gives a solid and secure feel as the hinged tonno is opened and closed.
• Hinges at the front cab rail and not in the middle of tonno material avoiding tarp wear. Front hinge allows maximum access to bed.
• Extang’s patent pending Quick Release and L-Rail System provide a no-measure installation that is accurate and very easy to do.
• L-Rails create a self-centering lid system that also prevents damage to the truck’s finish.
• Long centered handy pull strap for easy reach and a true level closing.
• Tarp can be rolled up and bows removed hauling that unexpected large load home.
• Proven neoprene rubber padded TuffKlamp™ system. No damage. No drilling.
• Polymer covered handles do not scratch the truck, restrict cargo space cross-bar latches.
• Automotive style sealing system - ribbed seal at rear tail gate and tubular labyrinth seals along sides.

Toolbox Fits Also Now Available!

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