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APM Ram Air Hoods don't just look great, but are fully ram air functional when used with their optional air box. Made from rigid and lightweight OEM engineered materials, fiberglas or steel (depending on your application) for a perfect fit and finish every time, these hoods are available both unpainted or prepainted to your factory match color. Optional Stainless Steel billet-style vent grille inserts are also available. Each Ram Air Hood comes with a one year warranty.

The Power Hood ram air system is like no other. It is a true ram air hood system that force feeds cold air into the engine’s intake through the hood vents. The Power Hood ram air system forcefully delivers more cold air to the engine which produces more horsepower, and in turn delivers greater fuel efficiency than a simple cold air intake.

With the Power Hood ram air system, the hood intake system forces cold air into the throttle body under pressure through a completely sealed system. With this system, your engine builds more HP the faster you go. The faster you go, the more pressure you build into the system. You will see the most power gain starting at around 50mph. The Ram Air Power Hood is a sealed system that delivers pressurized cold air. Air is denser when cooled, which means more oxygen is available for combustion in the engine. Better combustion means more power.

Most aftermarket hoods feed into a standard aftermarket cold air intake off to the side of the fender. These systems are not pressurized. The standard cold air intake is open to the fender housing which allows any air pressure from the hood to be forced out at the fender and not into the intake. Under those conditions, the engine has to work harder to passively suck in the air. The Ram Air Power Hood system forces the air into the intake and takes the work off the engine. As a direct result of receiving the pressurized cold air, this allows your engine to build more horsepower and increase fuel efficiency. A larger supply of cold air forced into the engine when the throttle is open increases power and improves throttle response.

More and more today, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) are using engineered plastics as the product of choice for body panels on their vehicles. There is a good reason for that. They are lighter in weight, which makes vehicles more fuel-efficient, plastic does not rust and it does not damage easily. Some good examples of engineered plastics are the GM Saturn. It's body panels are comprised mostly of plastic. Most front and rear fascias are plastic as well. Also the front fenders of the 2002 Trans Am are engineered plastic.

While our ram air hood is made from a more rigid plastic, it also has great impact and heat resistance. Engineered plastic body panels are made with machines that have aluminum or steel molds, and have perfect repeatability from part to part. Aluminum and steel molds are very reliable. Engineered plastics are the perfect choice because in the long-run, they hold up better, are lighter, easier to paint, have better impact resistance and make for a perfect fit every time. Engineered plastics are not to be confused with urethane plastic parts, which are often used in the aftermarket. Unlike urethane parts (where paint does not adhere well), primer and paint stick very well to engineered plastic.

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